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Group Lectures

Each 60 minute lecture is $100 and includes detailed handouts.

Basil, Basil, Basil – This class offers students an eye opening look at this easy to grow annual herb. Learn not only about cooking with this flavorful plant, but about the many varieties available. We will also discuss how this plant can be used to add color and texture to your garden. Recipe handouts are included.

Designing a New Kitchen Garden – You can have a very productive garden even if you have only a small area to work with!  This presentation includes design ideas for raised beds, container gardening, companion planting, and information on vegetables and herbs that grow well in small spaces.

Growing a Cut Flower Garden – Wouldn’t it be great to walk out your back door and cut a vase of fresh flowers?  Learn everything you need to know to have a beautiful cut flower garden!!  Best varieties, garden design, plant sources, and ideas to arrange your flowers are covered.

Growing and Using Herbs 101 – Herbs are easy to grow, very fragrant, and have a wide variety of uses. In this class we will look at 14 basic herbs and share ideas on sources for plants, growing conditions, plant care, and ways these herbs can be used for cooking, crafting, and gifts. Note: In the spring this can also be done on a $10.00 per person basis and would include 4 herb plants to take home – minimum 15 people.

Herbs and Flowers of Early America – Plants used in colonial gardens reveal unexpected insights into the life of this era. These gardens tell us what was needed to sustain pioneer life when land for many was in short supply and every inch had to be carefully planned out to get the most possible benefit. Learn how our ancestors designed their gardens and used herbs in earlier times.

Herbs – From Garden to Pantry – Learn how to make herbal vinegars, savory oils, mustards, chutney, flavorful herbal jellies, lavender honey and herbal syrups. All of these items make great gifts! Recipes and many samples are included in this program!

 The “Buzz” on Basic Beekeeping – Keeping bees is a fascinating hobby. You may be considering keeping bees to have your own local honey, for bee’s services as pollinators in your garden or orchard, or simply because you want to help increase the population of one of natures endangered beneficial insects. Regardless of the reason, learn how to get started though this beginner’s beekeeping presentation.

Call or email Connie at Grand Shire Farm to schedule your event. Or check out our Upcoming Programs page for dates and times these classes are available at Grand Shire Farm.